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Exhaustion can put not only the body but also the soul into a low state of vibration - everything seems gray, the mood is at...

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Exhaustion can put not only the body but also the soul into a low state of vibration - everything seems gray, the mood is at its lowest point and every task seems insurmountable. In the battle against ourselves, we often lose contact with our inner self. This state can even lead to chronic exhaustion and a form of depression. A regular inventory of our "as-is" state through mindful listening is crucial to prevent burnout.

Beta waves are said to release GABA, an amino acid that is considered an important brain function enhancer and plays a key role in inhibiting synapses. In their optimal state, beta waves act as study enhancers and are recommended as effective problem solvers.

This MP3 recording was specifically designed for the state of exhaustion and deliberately contains only two selected binaural beats. The frequency of 16 Hz promotes the supply of oxygen and calcium to the cells, while 20 Hz specifically helps to overcome states of exhaustion and stress. At the same time, 20 Hz represents a Schumann resonance, an earth frequency vibration that also stimulates the pineal gland.

This recording includes a healing session to perfect the energetic activation. Immerse yourself in this holistic experience and counter fatigue with a powerful combination of beta waves, binaural beats and a supportive healing session.

Binaural beats - headphones are recommended. 30 minutes meditation.
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